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You have great intelligence in your data. QuadSci delivers on its potential within your architecture. QuadSci AIs find the patterns, features, actions & paths that allow your customers to thrive.



QuadSci uses four types of artificial intelligence to help you gain insight into your business. Our AIs are trained to find patterns, features, actions and paths to increase customer confidence with your products. 

Cohorts AI

identifies the unique usage patterns of your Customers from telemetry data and understand if those usage patterns are positive or negative in nature.

Engage AI

is a machine-learning model that measures whether users engage with software as intended. Engage AI identifies positive and negative engagement patterns that chart the way for success during future interactions with customers.

Forecast AI

is a machine learning model that provides customers intelligence into an organization's predicted software. This AI identifies revenue and cost momentum opportunities with modern-cloud or consumption-based models, ultimately resulting in better informed sales processes.

Growth AI

provides predictive insights into business events like propensity to grow or contract. Growth AI is used to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, as well as focus areas for customer health. 

Intelligent Automations

Intelligent Automations

Intelligent automation represents the synergy of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced integration methods, intricately woven into the operational flow of go-to-market teams. By orchestrating insights to a diverse platform ecosystem like Salesforce, Slack, Tableau, Pendo, Marketo, and more, intelligent automations guide teams towards enhanced productivity and agility, and customers to exceptional experiences.

Salesforce QuadSci App

Integrates AIs into Salesforce account view, enhancing the information available to account teams and offering strategic next steps derived from predictions of growth, contraction, and patterns of platform adoption.

QuadSci Slackbot

Provides proactive alerts internal teams on positive and negative customer AI outcomes with a set of recommended actions.

Intelligent In App CX

Provides proactive customer in-app guidance based on customer’s usage patterns.

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